Join Us For Fall 2021 Rush


August 27th (Friday) 5 pm – Ultimate Frisbee – SK Lot (field south of the Sigma Kappa House)

August 28th (Saturday) 6 pm – UFC and Wings – Berthoud 204

August 29th (Sunday) 5 pm – American BBQ – SK Lot

August 30th (Monday) – Break Day –

August 31st (Tuesday) 4 pm – Sports Tailgate – SK Lot

September 1st (Wednesday) 5 pm – Beach Day – SK Lot

September 2nd (Thursday) 7 pm – Poker Night (Invite Only)

September 3rd (Friday) 7 pm – Bid Night (Invite Only)


Any Questions? Please contact our Recruitment Chairs:

Stow Neilson                                    Quin Reyes

(281) 702-6169                                    (925) 953-3527

[email protected]             [email protected]


About Sigma Nu Gamma Eta

Sigma Nu Fraternity is an organization of men who live to exhibit the values of Love, Honor and Truth.

Chartered in 1901, Sigma Nu Gamma Eta was the first fraternity at Colorado School of Mines. Since then, the men of the Gamma Eta chapter of Sigma Nu have strived to better themselves, Colorado School of Mines, and the Golden Community.

We hope you seriously consider taking the step to become something more, and become a Sigma Nu.

“To believe in the Life of Love, to walk in the way of Honor, to serve in the Light of Truth”

-Sigma Nu Creed


Anti-Hazing Initiative

Since Sigma Nu’s inception back in 1869, we have and will continue to take a strong stance against hazing. Sigma Nu’s Anti-Hazing initiatives are designed to bring awareness and resources to chapters to help combat the dangerous practice of hazing.

Our Mission

To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor and Truth.
To foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart and character.
To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.

Get Involved

Fraternities go beyond four years of college:
To join Sigma Nu is to join the ranks of thousands of honorable men for life. United under the tenets of Love, Honor, and Truth, brothers of Sigma Nu strive to better themselves, each other, and the world around them every day of their lives. These simple yet deeply profound promises are all one must give to be eligible to join.

Donate to Sigma Nu Gamma Eta

Securely donate to Sigma Nu at Colorado School of Mines using PayPal. Please reach out to us with any questions or if you’d like a different method to donate.